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A Winding Path Review


A Winding Path is a hand-drawn adventure game about finding the beauty of the world and enjoying the little things. Explore the atmosphere of ancient caverns, enchanting forests, and busy settlements, help colorful characters, find the rain and unveil its magic.

A copy of this game was provided for the purposes of this review.

A Winding Path is as simple as the premise alludes. You simply explore the various regions and meet varying characters that need help and will help you in return toward your larger goals. Most of the help you give is from finding things these people have lost, be it their pet cats or a family heirloom. You’ll be gifted dewdrops, which will help you on your ultimate quest of utilizing magic to resolve the various troubles of the regions you’re exploring.

Much like the game itself is simple, the art is as well. It is an exemplary use of simple black-and-white sketches and stickmen that creates the perfect atmosphere. It is calm and relaxing to play which is emphasized by the art style and music.

There were a couple of instances where I got a little bit stuck in a puzzle, but nothing was so difficult that I couldn’t figure it out without a little exploration. I didn’t really experience any difficulty progression aside from needing to explore more to find what I needed to. Since the game is meant to be more of a relaxing adventure played within a short time frame, this is fine in my opinion. I would admittedly enjoy the game less if it did get too much more difficult because that just doesn’t fit the overall vibe.

Overall, A Winding Path is a quick and relaxing game of exploration and puzzles in a simple but fitting world of magic and lore. It will be available on Switch, which is what I played, on October 27th, and is currently available on Steam.

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