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I’ve been enjoying watching board game videos recently, and it has caused me to have an influx of games I want to acquire and play. So I’ve decided to share what games have caught my eye recently and maybe you too will want to give them a play.

Hues and Cues

In this colorful game, you want to be the closest to figuring out the chosen player’s color based on the one-to-two-word clues they give you. You gain points based on how accurate you were, and the more players the chosen one gets within their range the more points they get.


The fact I don’t own this yet is a travesty and I don’t understand how. Qwirkle is a tile-laying game where you have colorful tiles with different shapes, and your goal is to be the first to use all of your tiles with the supply empty as well. It is a little bit like if Uno and Scrabble were mixed together.

Herd Mentality

My family is avid Scattergories players, so when I saw Herd Mentality I was intrigued. In Herd Mentality, you draw a prompt and everyone writes an answer to fit, but the twist is that you want to match answers with the other players. You gain points when you are part of the most popular answer, and the odd one out gets a blocker that prevents them from winning while having it and can only be passed on when someone else becomes the outlier.


Tsuro is a simple tile-laying game where you are guiding a dragon, trying to prevent them from flying off the board and into other dragons. It is a mix of luck and puzzle and is quick to play while staying strategic.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Game

I am a big Disney Parks fan, and seeing more and more attractions becoming board games is pretty cool. The latest I have found is based on the iconic Frontierland attraction Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. In this low-weight deck builder, you’ll be exploring the wilds of the wilderness while trying to find luck with your new mining venture.

Trekking Through History

This one popped out of nowhere while browsing through Instagram, so I looked deeper into it and found it very intriguing. You meet legendary people and join remarkable events as you try to see all you can before the clock runs out in this one, plus it has expansions and sequels to add diversity.


I don’t know about any other gamers, but I have had this game advertised to me for literal years. And I’ve had a vague interest in it for a while, but now that I am back into gaming I looked deeper and it does sound quite fun. In Sabobatage, you are a boba shop owner trying to have the best shop by diversifying your options. However, you are competing against other owners, who can sabotage your dreams.


Another game that popped up on my Instagram is Illerati. In Illerati, you and your fellow players work together against the evil Illiterati, who want the world to become illiterate. You fight back by forming words and binding books, crafting chapters as a team to defeat your enemies.

What game do you want to get to your table? Let me know in the comments!

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