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A Castle Full of Cats Review


A Castle Full of Cats is a search-and-find puzzle game where a castle has been cursed, turning all the feline residents into monsters. You’ll find them all to save them and discover all of the secrets within the castle to rid the curse completely.

A copy of this game was provided for the purposes of this review.

The game is as straightforward as it sounds, and if you have played the predecessor A Building Full of Cats this will be very similar. The gameplay is search-and-find where you enter a room and are given a set number of cats to find. In this version, there are additional items you can find that will be useful as you progress, like keys and maps. You can also find secret areas, which is a real highlight of the game that I enjoyed a lot. Another great addition is the ability to zoom in which is so helpful! Really was a game-changer, pun intended.

They also added more cat interactions, where you will meet actual character cats that you can speak to and help out. As an example, there is a mother cat and her kittens are missing throughout the castle along with the other cats you must discover. Finding a special cat is not new, but the whole setup and interaction with these named cats was a great addition.

The actual castle is fun to explore with so many interesting details. And all of these details make for great puzzles with varying difficulty. No puzzle is too terribly hard, but I had a couple of locations that took me a good chunk of time to find every cat. Overall though the game only took me an hour and a half, and I was striving to complete it fully, so it is a quick play that isn’t meant to be mind-bending. It is perfect if you want something chill to play and interesting to look at.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed A Castle Full of Cats and recommend it to honestly everyone. It is easy to play and full of surprises to keep you playing through the colorful and mystical palace. I recommended all games by DevCats because they are enjoyable and support adoption efforts through their profits.

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