Are you a brand with a cool, geeky product or service? Do you want to advertise your stuff to thousands of geeks? You can advertise on A Geek Girl’s Guide!

Here’s The Deal

What Ads Will I Accept

This is a geeky blog, so I’m only going to accept relevant ads for the site as a whole. The ad doesn’t have to fit specific posts necessarily but should be geeky in nature.

Kinds of Ads I Will Accept

  • Kickstarters and other crowding funding campaigns for geeky things (games, comics, etc.)
  • Geeky clothing and accessories shops
  • Video, mobile, and tabletop games
  • Book releases when deemed relevant
  • Gaming accessories (skins, dice, controllers, etc.)
  • Relevant subscription boxes
  • Geeky brands in general

Kinds of Ads I Won’t Accept

  • Clothing and accessories that are not geeky in theme
  • Irrelevant services
  • Gambling relating businesses
  • Food and/or drinks
  • Anything 18+, NSFW, and/or mature
  • Overall irrelevant services and products

I reserve the right to deny any request for any reason without explanation. You will be contacted if your request is rejected.


The following is my pricing breakdown:

  • The first 5 ad spots for a campaign are $1 each.
  • Any spots above the first 5 ad spots requested will incur additional fees. Please contact me directly to discuss the fee structure.


Requests need to be done at a minimum of 7 days in advance of the first ad spot chosen.

Below is the information required for the initial form and date reservations.

Contact Information

  • Business name
    • the overall entity requesting ad space (ie game publisher, store name, etc.)
  • Contact name
    • the individual person of contact for these ads
  • Contact email
    • the contact name’s email address for communication

Ad Information

  • Brief ad description
    • Tell me what you are advertising essentially. Explain the relevancy to my site, what the offer ultimately is, etc.
  • Ad media
    • The imagery of your ad. The requirements are as follows:
      • Recommended dimensions 1200 px by 627 px. If files are too large, I reserve the right to downsize them as needed.
      • JPG, PNG, and GIF are the only accepted file types
      • If you want to use different images for each ad spot, submit them in a zip folder.
  • Number of ad spots being requested
    • Pretty self-explanatory. Want 1 ad spot, choose 1. Want 5 choose 5. Want 10, choose 6+ and be aware of the extra fee.
  • Choose ad spots
    • Ad spots are chosen via Sagenda. You will be shown a link to reserve dates at the submission of the initial form. You will have to reserve a spot for each of the ads you request. Each spot is on the date of an available post and this system acts as a reservation while your request is being reviewed.

Upon completion and approval of both the initial form and Sagenda reservations, you will be contacted and sent the invoice. Once payment has been processed, everything is good to go.

Ready to do this? Fill out the form here


Q: What does the ad look like in context?

A: Like this. It is placed between the end of the post and the sharing and commenting section.


Q: What are the additional fees for additional ad spots above 5?

A: It depends on how many more there are above 5. Please send me an email to discuss it for your specific situation.

Q: Why was my ad request rejected?

A: It could have been done for numerous reasons. I reserve the right to not explain the reasoning, but you may send me an email to clarify if you would like to revise your ad.

Q: Can I cancel my ad and do I get a refund?

A: You can cancel your ad at least 2 days in advance of the initial ad. You will only get a refund for ads canceled 5 days in advance of the initial ad. You cannot do partial cancellations (ie only cancel 1 of your 5 reserved ads). Email me directly for any cancelations.

Q: Can I make changes to my ads?

A: Changes can only be made 5 days in advance of the initial ad. Changes are subject to approval, and rejected changes will keep the original ad in place.

If you have a change request after the ads are live, please submit a contact form about it.

Q: Can I request my ad be attached to a certain post topic?

A: You can, but there are no guarantees. You will have to email me this request along with your other forms.

Q: When will new availability for ad spots be listed on Sagenda?

A: I try to keep Sagenda updated at least 2 months in advance. If you want to reserve an ad outside of that, please email me directly.

Q: How long will my ad be live?

A: I do not intend on removing the ad from the post for at least 6 months. I reserve the right to remove the ad at and after the 6-month mark. If you would like it to remain longer than 6 months, you will have to contact me for an extension.

Q: Where can I go if my question has not been answered?

A: Head to my contact page and submit a message there. There is a topic option specifically for advertising questions.