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Indie Arena Booth Online 2021 Recap

Advertisements This past weekend was the Indie Arena Booth for gamescom, showcasing games from 119 different devs across 33 countries. As an indie game enthusiast, I wanted to recap some of the games that caught my eye.

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Quick and Geeky Costumes for Quaratineoween

Advertisements Since we are all stuck inside right now because of COVID-19, Instagram user ghostine introduced the idea of celebrating Halloween on March 31st called Quaratineoween. It has now become a bigger event, and you can join the fun by dressing up and sharing your costume on social media. So I am sharing all of […]

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30 Day Geek Out Challenge: Day 5

Advertisements We’re back with day 5 of the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge with kind of a difficult question, at least for me.

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How To Celebrate Geek Pride Day

Advertisements May 25th is Geek Pride Day, meaning we geeks have our own holiday! So I thought I’d share some ideas of ways you can enjoy the day in the geekiest ways possible.

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Geeky Graduation Gifts

Advertisements It’s that time of year where students will begin the final moments of their education with graduation! Here are some gift suggestions for the graduating geek in your life, whether it be high school or college.

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Field Trip: PAX Unplugged

Advertisements Now that it has been a full week since PAX Unplugged started so now is a good time to recap the event, right? I got the opportunity to go with a little bit of luck and the help of Twitter and instead of just attending the con, I was working it, which turned out […]

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How To Choose A Con To Attend

Advertisements For many geeks, conventions are a way to connect to the communities they are a part of and immerse themselves in the fandoms they love. And there are so many different conventions out there now for all types of fandoms and groups, it can be hard to find the best one for you. So […]

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Field Trip: Twitch Con 2018

Advertisements This past weekend was Twitch Con in San Jose! I got to go this year and it’s my second Twitch Con, as I went in 2016 as well. Although my focus for this year was meeting up with friends I met through the platform, I did also do a bunch of other stuff and […]

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How To Throw A Halloween Game Night

Advertisements Why have a traditional Halloween party when you can through the spookiest game night? Make it a haunting good time with these tips and tricks!

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Field Trip: Twitch Con 2016

Advertisements If you’ve been around the blog before, you have definitely seen that I have written about Twitch quite a bit before. I had the awesome opportunity to attend Twitch Con this year and connect and experience the community and platform on a whole new level.

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Geeky Ways To Spend Your Birthday

Advertisements The annual day of aging is coming up for me in a few days, so what better way to to commemorate my 22 years of life with a geeky post for it. Here is how we can celebrate our birthday’s in the geekiest of fashion.

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How To Throw An Awesome Game Night

Advertisements As a lover of tabletop games, having game nights are an essential way to spread my enjoyment and have a fun night with friends or family. But it takes more than just a stack of board games to make an awesome game night.

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Field Trip: Interactive Murder Mystery

Advertisements A couple of weeks ago, I attended a murdery mystery event entitled Hero. It was interactive, meaning we had to solve the murder of the superhero named Surge.

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Field Trip: Geek Girls Brunch

Advertisements Geek Girls Brunch is a nationally recognized organization with different cities all over the place. They hold special events along with brunches where geeky ladies can meet, chat, and enjoy each others company.