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Funko Wishlist

Advertisements I have started to get my craving for Funko’s again and began looking into which ones I need and want, and wow there are a lot. These are just some of the most desired ones for myself.

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My Geeky Confessions

Advertisements I feel like, no matter how openly geeky you are, there are some things you keep to yourself and don’t share publicly. Well, here are some of the things I don’t often share about my geeky habits and favorites.


5 Fandom Friday: Fandom Guilty Pleasures

Advertisements I usually never do the 5 Fandom Friday prompts, because of scheduling posts and me being a forgetful person in general. But I really liked the theme for yesterday, so I’m just going to do it spontaneously on a Saturday cause why not? The theme is Fandom Guilty Pleasures, but I am going to […]

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How To Not Spoil

Advertisements Spoiling: the plague of geeks and fans. It only takes one little remark to ruin something for someone, or a lot of people. But is there a point where spoiling becomes okay? I decided to do some research and find out.

Fandom Favorite Things Wishlist

My Needs-to-Exist Funko Wishlist

Advertisements Pop Vinyl Figures are a popular collectible item in the geek community, and we all have a list of the ones we want to buy. However, this list is of figures that don’t yet exist, but I want to.

Fandom Valentine's Day

Geeky Valentines

Advertisements With Valentines Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what geeky things you can give your Valentine this year. If you need some help here are a few geeky valentines for inspiration.

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4 Exciting Things Coming in 2016

Advertisements 2015 was a very exciting year for geek culture, but now it is coming to an end. So what’s next?

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My Best and Worst of 2015

Advertisements 2015 has had many ups and downs when it comes to geek culture, including movies, TV, games, and more, so I thought I would share my thoughts on the bests and worsts of the year.

Cosplay Fandom Wishlist

Top 5 Cosplay Wishlist

Advertisements Cosplay is a performance art that has taken the geek world by storm. From Comic Con to Anime Expo, cosplayers in dressed to the nines as their favorites characters fill convention halls and amaze us all. With it’s beginnings in 1990’s Japan, it has become a phenomenon at conventions all over and many cosplayers […]

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If Harry Potter Characters Were Superheroes

Advertisements The other day while I was on vacation, Harry Potter was on so I started watching the Order of the Phoenix. I had the epiphany that during the Ministry fight scenes, it reminded me of various superhero fighting sequences. That led to me identifying which wizard or witch is what hero or villain in the […]


Top 5 Fandoms

Advertisements From books to movies to bands and everything in between, there is a fandom for everything. But which fandoms are taking the top spots among fans?

Fandom Guides and How Tos

How To Join A Fandom

Advertisements Fandoms are not a group to enter lightly. Fandoms are very committed to their love, whether its Dr. Who or Harry Potter to One Direction. But, fandoms are very welcoming and supportive to its members, with a common goal of loving a particular thing. Here is your how to guide when entering the world […]