Podcasts Spotlight On Theme Parks

Spotlight On: Annual Pass

Advertisements Annual Pass is a Rooster Teeth podcast, hosted by long-time RT employees Jack Pattillo and Geoff Ramsey, that covers all things theme parks by leading us through their love of theme parks, theme park news, and a focus on a new ride every week.

Gaming Spotlight On Tabletop Games

Spotlight On: Drags 2 Riches

Advertisements Drags 2 Riches is a two-to-five-player deckbuilding game that brings the artistry of drag right to your table. You will build your wardrobe to slay the competition with your perfectly coordinated looks and overall fierceness.  

Podcasts Spotlight On

Spotlight On: Red Web

Advertisements Red Web is a mystery podcast where the hosts discuss various mysteries, true crimes, anomalies, and conspiracies. I have never been one to enjoy true crime mysteries, but I have found myself listening to each and every episode of this podcast which is why I’m giving it the spotlight.