The Blogger Tag

I’ve decided to take a mini break from the geeky writing and do The Blogger Tag! I saw Princessdeia do this and decided to do it too. Continue reading

Love Your Backlog 2019

I’m joining in on Love Your Backlog week, brought to us by Later Levels and Lightning Ellen. The concept is simple: instead of hating on your massive backlog of games, love it instead. So I’m writing this post about my backlog from the questions provided and encourage you to do the same!

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The Hogwarts Tag

I have been spending quite a lot of time on Pottermore, mostly for blog posts and school work (I am designing a Fantastic Beasts website!). And after doing the Another Harry Potter Tag, I thought about making a tag that asks all sorts of questions about what we would do if we were Hogwarts students. So here we go! Continue reading

Sunshine Blogger Award

So I don’t usually do awards on my blog, because I like to keep to my niche and also have such a set schedule for posts I don’t like to budge. But I’ve been re-arranging some content and decided I could fit this in and do an award for once. I was nominated by TWOTALL4UFOOL for this award. Continue reading

Gamer Confessions Tag

When I was coming up with topics for posts, I was also in the process of going over a lot of the games I have and realized that, although we proudly share the games we love, there is probably some opinions or thoughts we have that we don’t share. So I decided to write up a gamer confessions tag, focusing on video games, as a more fun way to share what we maybe don’t talk about as much as gamers. Continue reading