Between the Pages Roundup!

April’s theme week for Geek Blogs Unite was all things books! Let’s take a look at what the community wrote about.

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Wizarding World Crate Unboxing and Review


After seeing some unboxings of the first Wizarding World Crate, I decided to check it out and get the March box, which is Hogwarts House Pride. I’m a Ravenclaw, so my stuff is Ravenclaw products, but all of the house items are the same, just house specific. Let’s say “Alohomora!” and open this box. Continue reading

5 Fandom Friday: Fandom Guilty Pleasures

I usually never do the 5 Fandom Friday prompts, because of scheduling posts and me being a forgetful person in general. But I really liked the theme for yesterday, so I’m just going to do it spontaneously on a Saturday cause why not? The theme is Fandom Guilty Pleasures, but I am going to focus on general geeky guilty pleasures as of late.

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