How To Use Facebook

Facebook is infamous for being one the first and largest social media platforms out there. This post is going to help you utilize the platform to best support your content.

Intro to Social Advertising

To make this miniseries so much easier for all of us, I decided to separate some of the social advertising information to its own post. I’ll be covering the information that is shared between platforms and basics of getting started, and then get into details per platform in there individual posts.

101 Geeky Blog Post Ideas

Advertisements You’ve seen them around for general blogs and other niches, but why is there never an ideas list for geeky blogs?

Social Media Basics

It’s often I misconception that if you have used various social media platforms personally, you know how they work from a promotion and marketing perspective. And I promise that is not the case at all.

Building an Audience

One of the most requested topics for Guide to Blogging was how to build an audience for your content. And rightfully so because unfortunately, they don’t just appear out of nowhere. It takes time and work to really grow a sustainable audience. And today is the day I share my insight on doing just that.


Brainstorming is the process of coming up with ideas. For a blogger, this can range from post ideas to new project ideas. This post will offer some tips to help you with brainstorming, whether you’re starting off fresh or been blogging for years. 

Choosing a Theme

Choosing the right theme for your blog is more than just what looks aesthetically appealing, and this post will go over what things you should look for in a great theme.

Getting Started with Your Blog

So you want to start a blog? You have come to the right place. 

Guide to Blogging: Introduction

Welcome to my new series, Guide to Blogging.