K-Pop Music Wishlist

K-Pop Albums I Want To Add To My Collection

Advertisements In K-Pop, album collecting is one way fans show their support for their favorite artists. I myself have a growing collection, and these are some of the albums I have on my wishlist to get.

Favorite Things K-Pop Music

Favorite K-Pop Albums

Advertisements I’ve been sitting on this post topic for a while so I figured there is no time like the present to finally do it. So I am sharing my favorite albums across all of K-Pop!

Favorite Things Music

Favorite Albums

Advertisements I’ve been on a big nostalgic music trip lately, finding old favorites and collecting them into playlists so I don’t forget about them. And by doing this I have really determined what my most favorite albums are and those are what I’m sharing today.

Challenges K-Pop Music

30 Albums Challenge: K-Pop Edition

Advertisements It was inevitable that I made a K-Pop version of this challenge honestly.

Challenges Music

30 Albums Challenge

Advertisements I thought of this challenge after reading through my previous 30 Songs challenges so decided to make it!