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Idol Training, Vampire Raising, and Cyberpunk Squading: Kickstart Your Week 8

Advertisements It has been a while since I have shared some Kickstarter projects so, since I’ve been backing again, I figured I’d share a few!

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First Look: The StoryGraph

Advertisements The StoryGraph is a new site and app for book lovers and avid readers to catalog their reads, review books, follow others in the community, and more. If you are familiar with Goodreads, StoryGraph has a similar concept. I’ve been poking around the site and decided to share my initial thoughts with you all.

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Odessa Review

Advertisements Odessa is a graphic novel set in a dystopian California after an earthquake literally tears the state apart. Ginny was a child when this happened, and her mother left her along with her two younger brothers back then. But a mysterious package shows up on Ginny’s 18th birthday that leads to a whole adventure.