Cosplay Halloween Holidays Recommendations

Quick and Geeky Halloween Costumes 5

Advertisements With Halloween in a short few days, you’re going to need a costume fast! So here are some quick and geeky costume ideas.

Cosplay Disney Tags

DisneyBound Tag

Advertisements If you don’t know what DisneyBounding is, it is essentially an everyday cosplay of Disney characters. It’s great for going to the theme parks and getting to feel like you’re your favorite character without breaking park rules about dressing up. So while I’ve had Disney on my mind, I decided to make a little […]

Halloween Recommendations

Quick and Geeky Halloween Costumes 4

Advertisements The clock is ticking for getting a costume together for Halloween. And if you’re like me, you don’t think of an idea until about now, just 2 days before All Hallow’s Eve. As I do every October, I come up with a list of quick and geeky costume ideas that are easy to put […]

Cosplay TV What to Watch

What To Watch: Cosplay Melee

Advertisements Cosplay Melee is a new series on SyFy, where cosplayers from around the US compete in themed challenges to create unique characters to portray for a prize. 

Web Series What to Watch

TED Talks For Geeks

Advertisements TED Talks are a universally known series of talks on a large variety topics. I have seen many, many TED talks, but I wanted to see what talks existed around common topics in geeky land.

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Field Trip: Twitch Con 2016

Advertisements If you’ve been around the blog before, you have definitely seen that I have written about Twitch quite a bit before. I had the awesome opportunity to attend Twitch Con this year and connect and experience the community and platform on a whole new level.

Cosplay Hallogeek Limited Series Versus

Costumes vs. Cosplay

Advertisements From an outside perspective, Halloween costumes and cosplays look exactly the same. But from an inside perspective, they are quite different, and I thought the best way to explain the differences was to ask cosplayers themselves.

Cosplay Fandom Wishlist

Top 5 Cosplay Wishlist

Advertisements Cosplay is a performance art that has taken the geek world by storm. From Comic Con to Anime Expo, cosplayers in dressed to the nines as their favorites characters fill convention halls and amaze us all. With it’s beginnings in 1990’s Japan, it has become a phenomenon at conventions all over and many cosplayers […]

Conventions Cosplay

Cosplay Is Not Consent

Advertisements This weekend is New York Comic Con, and one thing that is bound to be seen is cosplayers and their costumed identities. An issue that still affects cons today is the harassment of cosplayer, and I want to make it blatantly clear that cosplaying does not mean consent.