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First Look: Hooked On You

Advertisements Most know of Dead by Daylight as an asymmetrical survival game with a huge class of characters, both survivors and killers. But now you don’t have to just avoid killers, you can date them too in their dating sim Hooked On You.

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Ranking Dead by Daylight Killer Lore

Advertisements I’ve been a fan and follower of the game Dead By Daylight since it was in beta and one of my favorite parts is the original lore they give their characters, in particular the killers. So I decided that I wanted to rank them by their lore specifically.

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First Look: Identity V

Advertisements I’ve been diving into more mobile games over the last few months, and I actually came across this game through YouTube. Identity V is a 4-v-1 asymmetrical horror game that is very, very similar to Dead by Daylight. It actually has the developer support of the Dead by Daylight team, which is what intrigued […]

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Advertisements When I was coming up with topics for posts, I was also in the process of going over a lot of the games I have and realized that, although we proudly share the games we love, there is probably some opinions or thoughts we have that we don’t share. So I decided to write […]

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Horror Games For Halloween 2

Advertisements Last year, I wrote the original post of Horror Games for Halloween, and figured that some new games could be added since some great horror games have released recently.

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Dead by Daylight Review

Advertisements In case you are new here, I do not consider myself a gamer. I have only just recently started playing video games very casually, and this is a couple years after being a avid video game viewer. One of the first games I bought when starting was Dead by Daylight, because my friends recommended […]