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K-Pop B-Sides That Could Have Been Title Tracks

Advertisements There are great hidden gems in the b-sides for K-pop artists, and sometimes some of those gems could have been the crown jewel known as the title track. So I am sharing some songs that I think could have led a comeback but didn’t.

K-Pop Music Save One Drop One Tags

Save One Drop One: K-Pop Songs

Advertisements I see this concept as videos on YouTube and TikTok a lot, so I decided to adapt it for the blog! And for this first one, I had to go with K-Pop.

BTS Gaming K-Pop Mobile Games Music Wishlist

Rhythm Hive Songs Wishlist

Advertisements If you follow my Twitter you have definitely seen me posting Rhythm Hive gameplay videos recently. And it got me thinking what other songs I’d like to see in the game. So here are tracks I want to see added!