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Save One Drop One: K-Pop Songs

Advertisements I see this concept as videos on YouTube and TikTok a lot, so I decided to adapt it for the blog! And for this first one, I had to go with K-Pop.

K-Pop Music Tags

First, Fan, Favorite Tag

Advertisements I got the idea for this tag thinking about different K-Pop artists I enjoy and the music that made me find them and become a fan of them. So I decided to pick some of my top groups and share my first, fan, and favorite songs for each.

BTS Challenges K-Pop March Madness 2021 Music

March Madness: K-Pop Bracket

Advertisements Another big bracket for day 7 where I put my favorite K-pop songs head to head to find my ultimate favorite!

K-Pop Music Recommendations

Love Blackpink? Listen To These Groups Too

Advertisements Blackpink is referred to the biggest girl group in the world right now. But there are so many other Korean artists that are perfect for Blackpink fans to listen to and enjoy. Here are just a few suggestions of artists to check out.