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Frostpunk Review

Advertisements Frostpunk, developed by 11 Bit Stuios, is a survival game set in a completely frozen world, and you are the leader of the last city on Earth. Can you keep your citizens alive in this steampunk tundra?

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30 Day Geek Out Challenge: Day 12

Advertisements I’m excited for today’s 30 Day Geek Out Challenge prompt because it is enabling me to talk about something I have written a lot about: my favorite video game!

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Gifts for Board Gamers That Aren’t Games

Advertisements Have you ever tried to give a gift to someone who has it all? Or is very specific? This happens with many enthusiasts where they are particular or already have it all, and gift givers struggle to figure out what to get them. This is no different for board gamers, so I have curated […]

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What to Watch: Twitch

Advertisements I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that I don’t play video games, but I avidly watch other people play games. My focus is on the story of the game or the artwork of the game, and how the gamer plays the game. So, I would watch on YouTube primarily, and then that connected me […]