Blog Posts To Get To Know Me

Advertisements Blaugust has some themed weeks to help with inspiration, and for this week it is Introduce Yourself Week. So to introduce myself, here is a collection of blog posts all about the girl behind the guide.

Favorite Things K-Pop Music

Favorite K-Pop Collabs

Advertisements Collaborations can really create some great music, and in K-Pop it is no different. Whether they collab with western artists or with one of their own, awesome songs can be made. And these are my favorite songs from K-Pop collabs.

Podcasts Spotlight On Theme Parks

Spotlight On: Annual Pass

Advertisements Annual Pass is a Rooster Teeth podcast, hosted by long-time RT employees Jack Pattillo and Geoff Ramsey, that covers all things theme parks by leading us through their love of theme parks, theme park news, and a focus on a new ride every week.

Books BTS First Look K-Pop Music

First Look: BTS Lyrics Inside

Advertisements BTS Lyrics Inside is a book that highlights ten songs from BTS’ discography and takes a deeper dive into the meaning and development of their music.

First Look Gaming Reviews Video Game Reviews Video Games

First Look: Hooked On You

Advertisements Most know of Dead by Daylight as an asymmetrical survival game with a huge class of characters, both survivors and killers. But now you don’t have to just avoid killers, you can date them too in their dating sim Hooked On You.


Upcoming Movies I’m Looking Forward To

Advertisements I was scrolling through Letterboxd and the upcoming films and a few caught my eye, so I decided to share them.

K-Pop Music Save One Drop One Tags

Save One Drop One: Same Title Edition 3

Advertisements You would be amazed at how many same title songs exist in K-Pop. Hundreds and hundreds of songs, and I’m back here with a few more to save or drop.

Blogging Tags

The Blogger Tag Revisited

Advertisements As a part of Blaugust, I wanted to explore the blog and myself as a blogger for a couple of posts. And I figured why not revisit The Blogger Tag and see what has changed since the original version.

Favorite Things K-Pop Music Soloists

Favorite K-Pop Soloist B-Sides

Advertisements I’ve covered both girl and boy groups, so now it is time to talk about the hidden gems K-Pop soloists have. Check out my favorites.


Popular TV Shows I Couldn’t Finish

Advertisements While there are shows that are widely loved, they aren’t for anyone. And here are shows that have garnered many fans but just weren’t for me.

K-Pop Music Quick Takes

Quick Takes: Girls’ Generation

Advertisements Girls’ Generation, the legendary girl group of K-Pop, are making their first comeback in five years this month. Despite knowing of them previously, I have never really listened to them much. But to prepare for the comeback, I’m going through all of their title tracks.

K-Pop Music Quick Takes Reviews

Quick Takes: July K-Pop Debuts and Comebacks

Advertisements Another month is at its end which means another month of new K-Pop to check out. So I’m giving my quick takes on all of the debuts and comebacks we got this month, and there are tons of new songs so let’s get started!


7 Years of Blogging + Blaugust

Advertisements On July 31, 2015, I launched a blog to talk about things I love and enjoy after leaving a massively impactful hobby. And seven years later, we’re still here. And we’re starting off this year with a challenge.

Books Ranking Wizarding World

Ranking Hogwarts Classes

Advertisements It has been quite some time since I have written anything involving the wizarding world, but with Harry’s birthday around the corner I decided to revisit Hogwarts by ranking the classes held in the castle.

Boy Groups Favorite Things K-Pop Music

Favorite Boy Group B-Sides

Advertisements Everyone knows about title tracks, but what about b-sides? I’m continuing to share some of my favorites and this time I’m focusing on the boy groups.

Disney Guides and How Tos

How To Find Hidden Mickeys

Advertisements Mickey is the head mouse in charge of everything Disney, and you can find him hidden around all of the theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, and more just waiting for your observant spotting. And here are some tips to become the best Hidden Mickey hunter.

Disney Recommendations Theme Parks

Unique Disneyland Experiences You Must Do

Advertisements With the original Disneyland having spread across the globe, you would think that going to any of them would result in the same experience. But that is not the case at all. Here are some experiences that are unique to the original Disneyland that you must do.

Disney Ranking

Ranking Disneyland’s Opening Day Attractions

Advertisements With yesterday being Disneyland’s anniversary, I decided to honor it by sharing my thoughts on the remaining attractions that were present on opening day.

Board Game Reviews Gaming Kickstart Your Week Reviews Tabletop Games

Aquamarine Review

Advertisements Aquamarine is a print-and-play game where you play as a diver trying to discover as much as you can with the time allotted and air available in your tank. With my printed map and a pair of dice, I got to go under the water and explore this new game from Postmark Games.

Broadway Field Trip Miscellaneous Reviews Recap Reviews

Field Trip: Moulin Rouge

Advertisements Moulin Rouge, the stage production of the iconic Baz Luhrmann film, is currently on tour and at the Pantages in Hollywood. I was able to go see the show and have many thoughts about the experience that I wanted to share.