Gaming Halloween Holidays Recommendations Video Games

Horror Games for Halloween 5

Advertisements For many, Halloween means horror. And what better way to get some scares than with horror games? Here are some suggestions of what you could play this Halloween.

Halloween Recommendations Video Games

Horror Games for Halloween 4

Advertisements As is a tradition here at AGGG, I curate a list of new horror games that work great for playing at Halloween. Granted any horror game works for Halloween, but it’s nice to get new suggestions. So here is this year’s list of games to get your scares.

Gaming Halloween Recommendations Video Games

Horror Games for Halloween 3

Advertisements Another year, another list of horror games for you to play and scare yourself silly. Whether you are playing yourself or watching playthroughs, these are some great new games to add to your horror game list.

Hallogeek Halloween Limited Series Recommendations Video Games

Horror Games For Halloween 2

Advertisements Last year, I wrote the original post of Horror Games for Halloween, and figured that some new games could be added since some great horror games have released recently.

Gaming Hallogeek Halloween Holidays Limited Series Video Games

Horror Video Games for Halloween

Advertisements Instead of just watching a horror movie, get interactive in the horror and play a video game. You won’t be able to hide behind anything, and you control how far you go, so it’s great if you really love getting scared. Here are some game suggestions that will sure give you nightmares.