Fictional Five

Five Fictional Worlds I’d Love To Visit

Advertisements I decided to jump into the Fictional Five prompts that the Geeky Tourist is starting to do, and the first prompt is sharing what fice fictional worlds that we’d like to visit.

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Funko Wishlist

Advertisements I have started to get my craving for Funko’s again and began looking into which ones I need and want, and wow there are a lot. These are just some of the most desired ones for myself.

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Underrated: Rue

Advertisements For the second installment of Underrated, I decided to do Rue from The Hunger Games. She is more than just the girl who died. She is a second Mockingjay; a face of the revolution.

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Quick and Geeky Halloween Costumes

Advertisements If you’re like me, you procrastinate on your halloween costume until the bitter end. It will be the night before and I will be throwing together a costume. But have no fear, because here are some ideas for quick, easy, and geeky halloween costumes.


Top 5 Fandoms

Advertisements From books to movies to bands and everything in between, there is a fandom for everything. But which fandoms are taking the top spots among fans?