Gaming Tabletop Games Wishlist

Board Games I Want To Add To My Collection

Advertisements I’ve been enjoying watching board game videos recently, and it has caused me to have an influx of games I want to acquire and play. So I’ve decided to share what games have caught my eye recently and maybe you too will want to give them a play.

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K-Pop Songs From Disbanded Groups That We Should Never Forget

Advertisements Unfortunately not every K-Pop group can stay together forever and end up disbanding. But we should never forget the amazing music they made while active. Here are just some songs from groups no longer with us that deserve to be remembered.

Disney Theme Parks

Things To Do At Disneyland That Aren’t Rides

Advertisements Disneyland has many activities and experiences, with the most widely known being the rides. And the rides are a lot of fun and full of Disney magic, but they aren’t the only thing to entertain you in the happiest place on Earth.


Popular Movies I Have Not Seen

Advertisements Sometimes, especially as a geek, people insist that certain movies are must-sees. And I am notoriously bad at watching movies, so let’s talk about some of these must-see movies I haven’t seen.

Guides and How Tos Recommendations

Geeky Things To Do When You’re Stuck Inside

Advertisements Much like everyone else right now, I can’t escape all of the talk and news of the coronavirus. Because of this, my brain hasn’t been able to get post ideas made. So for today’s post, I’m going to share a list of things you can do if you are stuck inside for any reason.

Gaming Recommendations Tabletop Games

Board Games for Non-Gamers

Advertisements If you’re a fan of board games, you know how hard it can be to get others to play games with you if they don’t also enjoy board games or their extent of games is Cards Against Humanity and Monopoly. However, there are some great games to help you on your quest to play […]

Halloween Recommendations Tabletop Games

Spooky Tabletop Games for Halloween 2

Advertisements You bet I have a list of board games you can take to the table for Halloween! There are a plethora of games that work great for Halloween and a fair few of lists made by bloggers. And this list is a sequel to my original spooky tabletop games for Halloween from last year, […]