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Board Games to Play with Your Significant Other

Advertisements Of course, as someone who enjoys board games, I’d love to spend the day about love playing some with a loved one. So here are some suggestions for games you can play with your partner this Valentine’s Day.

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Great Board Games for Stocking Stuffers

Advertisements Now that the holiday season is in full swing, you may be on the hunt for various gifts and stocking stuffers. While stockings specifically can be a challenge due to the size limit, I’ve got some great game suggestions that will make great stocking stuffers.

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Tabletop Games For Beginners

Advertisements All tabletop gamers start off as beginners, and before you jump into a days long RPG, you should play some other games to test the waters. These are some great games to do just that.

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Love Letter Game Review

Advertisements Love Letter is a simple card game by the Alderac Entertainment Group based in Tempest, a fictional land created by Alderac where many of their games are set. Your objective is to be the final character standing to deliver the Princess her secret love letter.