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Save One Drop One: Musical Opening Numbers

Advertisements I have done this plenty of time with K-Pop, so why don’t we mix it up now and bring a little Broadway to the challenge? So I’ve pit opening numbers from some of my favorite shows against each other in this edition of save one, drop one.

Broadway Field Trip Miscellaneous Reviews Recap Reviews

Field Trip: Moulin Rouge

Advertisements Moulin Rouge, the stage production of the iconic Baz Luhrmann film, is currently on tour and at the Pantages in Hollywood. I was able to go see the show and have many thoughts about the experience that I wanted to share.

Broadway Field Trip

Field Trip: Hadestown

Advertisements Hadestown is my all-time favorite musical and I finally got to see it, which means I must write all about it.

Broadway Field Trip Recap

Field Trip: The Band’s Visit

Advertisements This past weekend, my brother and I went to see The Band’s Visit, the Tony award-winning musical that is currently on tour. Here’s a recap of that experience and what I thought of the show.


Songs I Skip In My Favorite Musicals

Advertisements No matter how much you love something, there will be parts of it that you just aren’t a fan of. An example of this for me is certain songs in musicals I adore. And here are some of them.

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Tick, Tick…Boom! Review

Advertisements Tick, Tick…Boom! is a new movie musical that adapts the stage show of the same name and chronicles Jonathan Larson’s experience writing his first musical. With it now available on Netflix, I watched the film and needed to share my thoughts.

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Diana: The Musical Review

Advertisements A stage recording of the pre-Broadway musical about the life of Princess Diana has come to Netflix and I gave it a watch and have some thoughts to share.

Broadway Movie & TV Reviews Movies Reviews

In The Heights Review

Advertisements I finally sat myself down to watch the film adaptation of the musical In The Heights and need to share my thoughts.

Broadway Challenges March Madness 2021

March Madness: Broadway Bracket

Advertisements We’re going to Broadway for today’s bracket! I’m putting my favorite musicals head to head so let’s see who comes out on top!

Broadway Recommendations Underrated

Underrated Musicals You Should Check Out

Advertisements There are so many musicals that have existed and been incredible, but don’t get as much attention as others. And those musicals are what this post is about.

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Have You Ever? Broadway Edition

Advertisements Continuing the Have You Ever trend with a Broadway version!

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Musicals To Listen To If You Love Hamilton

Advertisements With the Hamilton movie being released today, I thought it would be a good chance to share some other Broadway shows that Hamilton fans will enjoy.

Books Broadway Recommendations

Books for Broadway Fans

Advertisements There are so many books in the world there is bound to be some for your favorite fandoms. So today I curated a list for the Broadway fans!

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Movie Musicals Every Broadway Fan Should Watch

Advertisements Many Broadway classics have made their way to the silver screen. And there are some films in particular that I think all Broadway fans should see.

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Book to Broadway Adaptations I’d Love to See

Advertisements There are so many musicals and plays that were derived from literature, like Be More Chill, To Kill A Mockingbird, and The Lightning Thief. And many have become award-winning productions, like Hadestown and Fun Home. So I started thinking about what books I’d love to see adapted to the stage and decided to make […]

Broadway Favorite Things

Favorite Characters from Musicals

Advertisements In any fandom, you will find your favorite characters that you just like more than others, and musicals are no different. Us theatre nerds all have characters that we adore, so I am sharing some of mine today.

Broadway Funko

Funko Wishlist: Broadway Edition

Advertisements I’ve been nerding out over musicals and Funko Pops lately, so I decided to combine the two into a post. So here are some characters from Broadway musicals that I’d love to have in Pop form.

Broadway Field Trip Music Series

Field Trip: Miss Saigon

Advertisements This past weekend, my brother and I went to see Miss Saigon at the Pantages in Los Angeles. We’re both musical theatre fans, and this trip was his birthday gift for the year, so I got to benefit too!

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Favorite Broadway Musicals

Advertisements This Sunday is the Tony Awards, which is Broadway’s biggest night. To celebrate, I’m sharing my favorite musicals with you all in this post. Let’s raise the curtain, shall we?