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Save One Drop One: Mario Kart 8 Courses

Advertisements With the recent release of the Booster DLC which adds new maps to the beloved racing game, I decided it would be fun to put all existing courses head to head in another edition of Save One Drop One!

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Proslife Joy-Cons Review

Advertisements I recently started having the dreaded Joy-Con drift happening on my original Joy-Cons and it got to the point that it was very annoying and getting them fixed was a pain. So I did some searching and found this third-party pair that I decided to get and give you a review of!

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Games That I Played As A Kid

Advertisements I used to say that I as not a kid that grew up on games and was not a gamer until very recently. But looking back, I remembered some particular games that I was very fond of in childhood. So I guess I was more of a gamer after all, just maybe not of […]