Hallogeek Halloween Holidays Limited Series Recommendations

Quick and Geeky Halloween Costumes 2

Advertisements Running out of time to make a costume for Halloween? Never fear, here are some quick and simple ideas. And if you need more you can see the first list also!

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Review by a Noob: Pokemon Go with Tips

Advertisements With the U.S. release of Pokemon Go this week, millions of people downloaded the app in order to catch them all, myself included. But, to make a quick confession, I did not grow up with the same love and understanding of Pokemon as the rest of my millennial counterparts, so getting this game was […]

Hallogeek Halloween Holidays Limited Series

How To Throw A Geeky Halloween Party

Advertisements Halloween is a great excuse to have a party, and why not get all the geeks together and do like Dumbledore? Here is what you need to have a great geeky Halloween party.