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The Gamer Tag Remastered

Advertisements I have done a tag called The Gamer Tag before, but then I saw that Kim from Chimmyville did one with completely different questions. So I decided to give that one a go and thus I have The Gamer Tag Remastered.

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First Look: Lara Croft Go

Advertisements It has been a little while since I have tried out some mobile games, and over the holidays I decided to go through Google Play and go game hunting. One of the games I decided to get and try is Lara Croft Go, which is a puzzle game based on the Tomb Raider series. […]

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Video Game Wishlist: The Sequel

Advertisements It’s been a year since I have shared a wishlist of video games. I came across last years post about it and decided to bring it back with some new games! Even though most of the games on the original list are still on the wishlist…

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Favorite Strong Female Characters in Video Games

Advertisements Video games for so long have been stereotyped as a boy’s world.However, there have been many badass female characters coming out, making it more of a woman’s place after all. But which strong female characters top my list?

Favorite Things Gaming Video Games

Favorite Stories in Video Games

Advertisements I am not a gamer when it comes to video games. I am that person who watches other people play to see the story of the game play out, because video games are  interactive movies. And some games greatly surpass others when it comes to the storyline, so this is my list of favorite […]