Popular TV Shows I Couldn’t Finish

Advertisements While there are shows that are widely loved, they aren’t for anyone. And here are shows that have garnered many fans but just weren’t for me.

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Full Bloom Review

Advertisements Full Bloom is a floral design competition where florists come together and compete by creating unique, beautiful, and grand floral arrangements. The first two seasons are up so I binged them and here are my thoughts!

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Camp Betrayal Review

Advertisements Camp Betrayal is a horror-comedy-reality competition show from Rooster Teeth that released earlier this year. Nine players will compete in horror-themed challenges, trying to win as a team. However there are saboteurs amongst them wanting the team to fail so they can hopefully send one of their competitors home. I watched the full first […]

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Drag S.O.S Review

Advertisements Drag S.O.S is a British makeover show where a drag collective travels around the United Kingdom and provides citizens of various cities the opportunity to become a drag queen for a night, lip sync and all. After a Drag Race kick, I came across the show and gave it a watch and here is […]

TV Wishlist

Top Chef Wishlist

Advertisements Top Chef is one of my favorite shows of all time. I have watched every season since the cringey first few and still an avid fan now that we have begun season eighteen. My brother and I often discuss what we’d like to see on the show and I decided to make a post […]

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Favorite Drag Race Lipsyncs

Advertisements One of my favorite shows of recent is Rupaul’s Drag Race. My first season watching live was season 9 and the show is currently on season 12 with two All-Stars seasons during that span as well. Plus I’ve gone back and watched previous seasons. So since there are so many compilations of people’s favorite […]

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Cup of Joe Review

Advertisements Cup of Joe is a series on Quibi, the latest streaming platform with 10-minute episodes for their shows. The series is a travel show with Joe Jonas traveling to major cities while on tour with his band and brothers The Jonas Brothers.

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Prop Culture Review

Advertisements Prop Culture is a new docuseries on Disney+ hosted by collector Dan Lanigan as he explored different Disney films from over the years through the props and the people who made the films possible. I knew I had to watch this series and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Disney Saturday Six TV

What I’ve Been Loving on Disney+

Advertisements Going along with the 5 Fandom Friday of this week, I am sharing six shows and films I have been enjoying on Disney+.

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TV Show Tag

Advertisements For those of you who haven’t been on my site before, it’s good to know that I am not a huge TV watcher. I basically don’t watch TV at all. But, I got tagged by the Geeky Brunette to do the TV show tag, so I thought it would be interesting to see what shows I do […]

Cosplay TV What to Watch

What To Watch: Cosplay Melee

Advertisements Cosplay Melee is a new series on SyFy, where cosplayers from around the US compete in themed challenges to create unique characters to portray for a prize. 

Tabletop Games Web Series What to Watch

What to Watch: Tabletop

Advertisements Recently, Geek and Sundry started it’s fourth season of the Wil Wheaton produced Tabletop, where well-known geeks come together to play a variety of board games. It is both entertaining and educational for those who love board games and those who are new.


Childhood TV Shows That Still Hold Up

Advertisements I never really watch TV today, but maybe that is because I miss the TV of my childhood because a lot of it was so much better than what is out there today. These are the shows that still hold up today.