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Favorite Twitch Streamers

Advertisements I recently shared my favorite YouTube channels in a post, so I decided to also share some of my favorite Twitch streamers as well since I watch Twitch just as much as I do YouTube.

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30 Day Geek Out Challenge: Day 4

Advertisements Yesterday we talked about my favorite con experience, and for today we are talking about my least favorite.

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The Gamer Tag Remastered

Advertisements I have done a tag called The Gamer Tag before, but then I saw that Kim from Chimmyville did one with completely different questions. So I decided to give that one a go and thus I have The Gamer Tag Remastered.

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How To Discover New Indie Games

Advertisements When it comes to video games, I really love indie games. I basically only play indie games and very, very rarely play anything else. So I figured I’d share some tips and places I learn about new indie video games.

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Field Trip: Twitch Con 2018

Advertisements This past weekend was Twitch Con in San Jose! I got to go this year and it’s my second Twitch Con, as I went in 2016 as well. Although my focus for this year was meeting up with friends I met through the platform, I did also do a bunch of other stuff and […]

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Field Trip: Twitch Con 2016

Advertisements If you’ve been around the blog before, you have definitely seen that I have written about Twitch quite a bit before. I had the awesome opportunity to attend Twitch Con this year and connect and experience the community and platform on a whole new level.

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Stream First Games Review

Advertisements A new style of gaming has come out based on the major popularity of of live-streaming services, particularly Twitch. As an avid stream watcher, I was very interested in these new games, called stream first games, where the game is made with primary focus of being played by broadcasters and having viewer involvement in […]

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What to Watch: Twitch pt. 2

Advertisements I wrote a post awhile back about watching Twitch and using it as a way to be a game viewer. Now it has become one of my main forms of entertainment, especially for gaming content. But, when you are new-ish to Twitch, it’s kind of hard to find streamers to watch. I have the […]

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What to Watch: Twitch

Advertisements I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that I don’t play video games, but I avidly watch other people play games. My focus is on the story of the game or the artwork of the game, and how the gamer plays the game. So, I would watch on YouTube primarily, and then that connected me […]