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Camp Betrayal Review

Advertisements Camp Betrayal is a horror-comedy-reality competition show from Rooster Teeth that released earlier this year. Nine players will compete in horror-themed challenges, trying to win as a team. However there are saboteurs amongst them wanting the team to fail so they can hopefully send one of their competitors home. I watched the full first […]

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First Look: Eko

Advertisements I’ve known about Eko for a few years now, but I’ve started to see it become more popular with their collaborations with Buzzfeed’s Tasty and other brand collaborations. So I decided to write a post about Eko and all of the interesting stuff they have going on there.

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The Weird Place Review

Advertisements If your friends went through a mysterious door and got lost in an alternate universe, would you come to their rescue? That is the setup of The Weird Place, a crazy miniseries from Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth. But how weird does The Weird Place really get?

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Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party Review

Advertisements While casually scrolling my Facebook as one does, I came across an article about this web series being a great show to watch during the Halloween season. So me, always looking for blog post ideas, decided to investigate what this show was all about and give it a watch.