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Jungle Cruise Adventure Game Review


The classic Disney attraction is now a board game! You’ll be a skipper on the world famous Jungle Cruise striving to get cargo and passengers through the perils of the river to win points.

As a skipper, you will have a boat and a designated group of starting passengers. You can organize them to different areas of your boat prior to every move to try and protect them and cargo you retrieve that you deem the most valuable. As you travel through the river, you’ll face different events that can either benefit you or damage you. Some perils are harsher than others and the risk of damage is higher, which means you could lose passengers or cargo. But don’t worry, you can retrieve these during your journey!

You’ll want to strategize what family of passengers you want to transport as well as the types of cargo because you can earn more points by bringing the chosen family to the company and by having a various sets of cargo. The most points win, so strategizing as you travel the river is best to succeed.

I like the amount of strategy this game has and found it somewhat surprising since this is a Disney game. I expected it to be fairly light so it can appeal to families and casual players more, but Ravensburger who designed the game really strived for a strategic game that really supported the theming. It isn’t overly complex and getting into the game isn’t too difficult, but I can’t picture young kids or non-gamers wanting to commit to playing this game for long.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this game. I will say it isn’t a casual game so those who are simply Disney friends and not gamers might find it slow and tedious. But for board game aficionados it is a fun game that embraces the theming well with a good amount of strategy to keep you playing. It is a great ode to the attraction and a fun game that I’d play again.

What Disney attraction would you love to see a game for? Tell me in the comments!


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