Welcome to my little, geeky corner of the internet!

MichelletheCutie black backgroundI’m Michelle Anneliese.  I am a Ravenclaw from District 13 who enjoys playing games and geek culture. My favorites are Harry Potter, Tabletop Games, and watching Twitch and YouTube.

By day I am a marketing manager, specializing in online and social media marketing. I freelance as well in photography, web design and management, and social media. I am also a grad student in Web Design and Online Communications. So basically I spend all day every day online.

I started this blog in 2015 as a place to be openly geeky about the things I love, and I hope you come here and enjoy being a geek too. The world is more fun when you can openly geek out about things.

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Important Information

I know that many things I will write will not be shared ideas and opinions by every single reader, and I hope that you, as readers, understand that too. I am not stating facts in any way, shape or form. I am just sharing what I know, and I open it up to you to share also. Everyone experiences things differently, but as long as we are all experiencing said things, the world is a happier place.

Game Review Methodology

love letter review Many of the posts I do will be reviews, specifically of games. With the more reviews I do, the stronger my methodology is when doing these reviews. I will say that games can be very subjective, and something I find as a great game you may not. I hope, by giving you the insight to my methods, you can better assess the game yourself.


Aesthetics: the game art, the quality of the pieces and board, how fitting the art is with the overall game story and feeling

Mechanics: how the game plays, how complex the rules and how that complexity effects gameplay, how quickly can one understand gameplay structure

Replayability: can the game be played numerous times with a single set of rules, is it able to be played with varying sized groups, is replayability dependent on expansions or is the solo game enough, (in video games) is the world worth exploring/ is there more to explore, is the story worth replaying

Cost: is the monetary price of the game fitting of the value

Overall: my overall take on the worth of the game, based on the above metrics and my own enjoyment of playing



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