The Girl Behind The Guide

The Girl Behind The Guide

Hiya! I’m Michelle!

A Geek Girl’s Guide is my little corner of the internet where I get to go full geek girl about all of my most favorite, geeky things! K-Pop, Disney, Gaming, and Broadway are all amongst the topics, plus reviews, how to guides, and recommendations.

I started A Geek Girl’s Guide in 2015 as a place to be openly geeky about the things I love, and I hope you come here and enjoy being a geek too. The world is more fun when you can openly geek out about things.


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More Things About A Geek Girl

I share a lot of my geek girl life on this blog, and if you’d like to know details about me specifically you can check out these posts.

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Guest Posting and Collaborations

Here is where you can find my other geeky articles from across the internet, as well as any interviews and special appearances!

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Important Information

I know that many things I will write will not be shared ideas and opinions by every single reader, and I hope that you, as readers, understand that too. This blog is mostly my opinion as a geek girl so I am not stating facts in any way, shape or form. I am just sharing what I know, and I open it up to you to share also. Everyone experiences things differently, but as long as we are all experiencing said things, the world is a happier place.

This site has a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Please review at your own discretion. 

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