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Media Kit

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A Geek Girl’s Guide is my little corner of the internet where I get to go full geek girl about all of my most favorite, geeky things! K-Pop, Disney, Gaming, and Broadway are all among the topics, plus reviews, how-to guides, and recommendations. If you think your brand works well with what I cover, then let’s talk.

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My Offerings

I reserve the right to turn down any requests

Link Share

Include a link into either a new post or an existing post.
Post will be labeled as sponsored content.
Link does not have to be an affiliate link.

$25 – $40

Contact for Details
Content Ads

Have an ad placed with my content, superseding other advertising.

$25 – $200
tiered based on need

Contact for Details

Receive a review on your product.
Reviews shall be honest above all.
Great for books, comics, movies, board & video games, subscription boxes, etc.

Provide a review copy as compensation

Contact for Details
Spotlight Post

A full post that highlights your project.
The content will be labeled as sponsored.
Great for Kickstarters, podcasts, web series, etc.

20¢ per word, max 500 words

Contact for Details


Link Share vs. Spotlight vs. Ads
  • Having trouble deciding what works best for you? No worries!
  • Link Share is best if you have a link you want placed without the content surrounding it being directly about your offering. The content will be relevant of course, but the focus is not on your brand. This can work with many different brands, products, and services. But whatever is being linked must be logical to what I focus on with my content. Here is an example of what this looks like.
  • Spotlight is best if you want the focus to solely be on what you do. A whole post will spotlight you, so this works best if you have a specific project to highlight. Here is an example of what this looks like.
  • For content ads, you will send me the advertisement materials and they will be placed at the end of the post. It is prefered that the ad relates to the content, but it isn’t required. For this, your ad has it’s highlight moment as part of the content, somehwat of a blend between a link share and a spotlight. Here is an example of what this looks like (scroll through post). 
  • Still unsure? You can send me an email and we can discuss what will work best for you.
  • I request that if you are seeking to advertise that you provide the media content to do so. The easiest way for me to make sure your ad appears as expected is to be given and image paired with a link. You may also provide some copy to be included, max 2 sentences.
  • Ads are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. I will confirm the final schedule of your ads once the agreement is settled.
  • If you wish to have ads related to specific content, please state that when you reach out.
Reviews – Board Game Preferences
  • I definitely recommend you check out my review methodology to get an idea of how I do reviews
  • 2-player games are high on my preferences. This isn’t necessarily 2-player only games, but I’d love if it can be played with only 2 players.  I’m also interested in solo modes and games.
  • Light to medium weight games preferably. Heavy games are not my jam.
  • Unique theming and beautiful art will always catch my eye.
  • my preference is to not review a PnP. I don’t have the resources to print these easily and I like to review the full product being offered. I will look at first editions of games if it is going to Kickstarter for an update.
Reviews – Video Game Preferences
  • I definitely recommend you check out my review methodology to get an idea of how I do reviews
  • Indie games are a top favorite of mine.
  • Strategy games and simulation games are up my alley. Turn-based games and tycoon type games are also enjoyable. I am more open genre-wise though.
  • Singleplayer options are usually best.
  • If you have a video game or mobile game you want me to look at, there are two options. I can either do a first look, which are my first impressions of the game based on the first hour or so of the game, or a full review. If you have a preference for which you’d like please let me know but depending on the length of the game and how time intensive it could be, I ultimately decide which I will do.

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