My Current Favorite Tabletop Games

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Funko Wishlist #1

I have started to get my craving for Funko’s again and began looking into which ones I need and want, and wow there are a lot. These are just some of the most desired ones for myself.

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Ladies I Love: Felicia Day

I recently started a series on my other blog about different ladies I love, because women need to support other women and share their stories. Now, I’m going to do the same here about amazing geek goddesses who make me fangirl at their accomplishments and awesome awesomeness, and I start this series with the one and only Felicia Day.

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Favorite Stories in Video Games

I am not a gamer when it comes to video games. I am that person who watches other people play to see the story of the game play out, because video games are  interactive movies. And some games greatly surpass others when it comes to the storyline, so this is my list of favorite video game stories.

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