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50 K-Pop Song Titles That Could Be Halloween Costumes


Life has been busy for me and I just wanted to do an easy and lighthearted post, which led to this one. So if you still need Halloween costume ideas, let these K-Pop songs help you out.

I am actually really surprised I managed to make such a long list, but it was fun to make and imagine what these song titles could become costumes for the spookiest night of the year. Some are simple, others creative, and some are just silly but that adds to the fun! So without further ado, here are some k-pop songs to inspire some costumes.

Pirate by Everglow

The song title that gave me the idea for this post was Pirate by Everglow. It is a straightforward costume idea, but you can also get inspired by the music video and go for a space pirate if that suits your fancy.

Dionysus by BTS

There are a surprisingly large number of greek mythology ideas on this list, and the first is thanks to one of the most popular groups in history. Become a god this Halloween as Dionysus, best known as the god of wine.

Madonna by Luna

Become a pop diva for Halloween thanks to another pop diva! There are so many different Madonna looks you could be, and there is a good chance you can pull it together with your normal closet.

Voodoo Doll by Vixx

Embrace the creepier side of the holiday and dress as a voodoo doll. You can go super campy or keep it simple based on your needs.

Queen by 3YE

Who doesn’t want to be a queen for at least one? You can go super modern or historical, or pick a specific queen to be if you wish.

Movie Star by Cix

Dress up like you’re ready to walk the red carpet and be a movie star. It is nice to get glammed up every once and a while.

Zombie by Purple Kiss

Zombie is a classic costume idea, and if you want to add to it you can be a zombified version of something else. Maybe even combine two ideas from the list!

Ghost by Dreamnote

Another classic costume idea is a ghost of course. This one is open to getting creative as well as kept simple. Even if you just cut eye holes in a sheet, it counts.

Villain by Pixy

Be a little bit evil this Halloween as a villain. Create your own villain concept or choose a specific one from all sorts of fandoms.

Snake by Medusa (GP99)

An animal costume was bound to come up, and a snake is one you can get creative with. Bonus points if you specifically go for a Black Mamba, adding a little aespa to your costume.

Voyager by Kihyun

A voyager will take some creativity, but I found the idea an interesting one. You could choose a famous voyager like Magellan, or make up your own.

Scientist by Twice

Professions as costumes are pretty common, so a scientist is a straightforward costume idea if you need something simple.

Gaia by Craxy

Back to mythology, Gaia was the first deity from whom all others sprang and the personification of the Earth. Be the goddess of all deities, but keep it respectful of course.

Lion by (G)I-DLE

Why be just a cat if you can be a lion?

Bonnie & Clyde by Yuqi

Need a couples costume? Thanks to Yuqi, you could be the infamous Bonnie and Clyde.

Domino by Stray Kids

This one honestly just made me laugh. Plus it would be easy to do, just needing to put dots on a monotone outfit.

Action Figure by WayV

This could be a fun one! You could take a character from some other fandom and turn them into an action figure with toy-like details.

Wolfgang by Stray Kids

I had two ideas in mind. You can either be Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the composer, or if you have a group you can be a gang of wolves. Or if you want to get silly you could be Wolfgang Puck the restauranter.

Butter by BTS

Yeah, another that made me laugh to be honest. You could get creative and crafty with this silly idea.

Spider by Hoshi

Creepy crawlers are standard for Halloween, so a spider is a solid costume idea. You can go simple or extravagant, elegant or horrifying. Many options with the arachind.

Monster by Irene & Seulgi

Not sure if you can get any simpler than a monster because that could mean a lot of things. You can do a classic monster like Frakenstein, maybe a cryptid like Bigfoot, or make up something yourself.

Valkyrie by Oneus

Back to mythology, but Norse this time. A valkyrie is one of a host of female figures who guide half of the souls of the dead to the god Odin’s hall Valhalla, whereas the other half go to Freyja’s afterlife field, Fólkvangr. Think grim reaper in terms of duty. This will take more research for sure, but could be a cool and unique costume.

Boxer by Stray Kids

Want to be more athletic with your costume? Be a boxer! Boxing is quite popular in K-Pop concepts now so you can gain inspiration from a number of tracks.

Hero by Monsta X

Even though they are opposites, this idea is similar to villain. Become an existing hero or make your own. Bonus points if you become Anpanman like BTS.

Dinosaur by AKMU

Want an excuse to get one of those inflatable T-Rex costumes? Here it is.

Criminal by Taemin

A criminal is a popular costume idea, so finding what you need should be easy. You could go with a capture criminal or one mid scheme, so you do still have options.

Angel or Devil by Tomorrow x Together

A two for one! Also a good pairs costume if you want to do something with a friend or partner. Just need a halo and horns to make the costume evident, and dress in clothes you already have to do a modern interpretation.

Siren by P1Harmony

I know the song itself is talking about the alarm kind of siren, but I was thinking of the mythological sirens that lure sailors to their demise via song. You really could do either, or be creative and combine them some way. That’s probably a stretch, but I like the uniqueness of a siren over a mermaid.

Alligator by Monsta X

I mainly chose Alligator because it reminded me of when my dance studio as a kid did Peter Pan, and some played the crocodile by moving around on his stomach on a skateboard. That takes commitment and planning, but you could make your alligator (which I know is not the same as a crocodile) bipedal if need be.

Star by Loona

I feel like you can get very creative with being a star. Could also come up with some really pretty looks and utilize makeup to benefit you.

Alien by Lee Suhyun

Get spacey for Halloween as an alien. You can pick a specific type of alien from pop culture, or make up something yourself. Might want to get some body paint handy.

Cat & Dog by Tomorrow x Together

Another couples idea, or even one with a friend. Cat and Dog is a really easy costume pairing to put together, especially last minute.

Pop Stars by KDA

Got some trendy clothes and a way to have a microphone? You’ve got yourself a pop star costume. Bonus points if you go for an idol look specifically, thanks to BTS.

Hobgoblin by CLC

Fun fact, Shakespeare identifies the character of Puck in his A Midsummer Night’s Dream as a hobgoblin. Hobgoblins are a household spirit, typically appearing in folklore, once considered helpful, but which since the spread of Christianity has often been considered mischievous. Take that inspiration and run with it.

Puma by Tomorrow x Together

Why just be a cat if you can be a puma? Or if you are a fan of the brand Puma, take advantage of the double entendre.

Candy by Baekhyun

Have a sweet tooth? Be the treat of Halloween by being candy! Think peppermint, lollipops, even a sour path kid works.

Lucifer by Shinee

This devilish idea can be interpreted in a few ways. Go for the classic satanic look or maybe look to the TV show of the same name. You have options.

Butterfly by Loona

Get yourself some wings and antenna and you have yourself a butterfly costume that you can dress up or down depending on your preference.

Cactus by ONF

Another that made me laugh to be honest, but you could do something fun with this idea too! Dress in green and either make yourself spiky or make a headpiece to be the cactus. It is a fun, and different idea.

Dice by Onew

Very similar to domino is dice, where you just need to add pips (the dots) to yourself somehow. If you want to go the extra mile, you could be a D20.

Dracula by TFN

A true classic costume is definitely Dracula. Because why be any vampire if you can be the most iconic one of all?

Pandora by woo!ah!

Greek mythology again! What would really sell a Pandora costume is the iconic box and all the miseries it holds.

Black Swan by BTS

Of all the ideas on this list, a black swan is the one I’d choose to do if I had the time and materials. Wearing all black, adding some feathers, and move elegantly and you’ll have it. I’d even encourage leaning into a ballet look, specifically Odile.

Hot Sauce by NCT Dream

Again, I was amused by the idea of dressing as a bottle of hot sauce. Bonus points if you dress as the brand they use in their video.

Gambler by Monsta X

To be a gambler, make sure your suit is fine and fresh, and maybe be prepared for any card games that may occur.

Stereotype by StayC

Okay this one takes explaining, but I thought it could be interesting to dress up as a stereotypical version of something., like a stereotypical nerd. Get troupe-y with it.

Rainbow by Twice

Have every color in the rainbow in your closet? Then be a rainbow! Or if you have many rainbow items, go crazy with them for the ultimate effect.

Copycat by Apink Chobom

This may be a silly one, but it could be fun. You and a friend dress the same, and copy each other throughout the night. It is simple attire wise, but may take some roleplaying to get it across.

Aviator by Younite

Become a pilot for the night and dress as an aviator. You can find one from history for inspiration, like Amelia Earheart or The Wright Brothers.

Pirate King by Ateez

We circled back around and we have pirates again. But why be a simple pirate when you can be the king (or queen) of pirates!

What do you think of my list? Share any other song titles that could make cool costume ideas with a comment!

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