The Most Beautiful Moment in Life #1 Review

花樣年華 HYYH The Notes 1 (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life #1) is a collection of notes that tells the story of the Bangtan Universe through the perspectives of it’s various characters. It is the first book of an expected series and a piece of the puzzle that is the Bangtan Universe. Once I discovered the BU and that this book existed, I knew I had to read it and share my thoughts with you.

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Thank You, Next Book Tag

It has been a while since I have done a book post, so when I was tagged in the Thank You, Next Book Tag by Holly from the Nut Free Nerd, I decided to give it a go. Thank You, Next is inspired by the Ariana Grande song “thank u, next”. So if you’ve ever heard the song, you’ll see where these prompts came from. Alright, onward to the tag! Continue reading