Blind Board Games

Tabletop gaming should be an activity that is accessible to everyone, and one company is paving the way for that to become a reality. 

Promo image from kickstarter

64 Ounce Games is a company started by Richard and Emily Gibbs who wanted to make games more accessible for the blind and visually impaired. They create kits to go with games that can include braille dice, card sleeves with braille, braille tokens, and QR codes that will link to the text in audio format.

Demo cards from Kickstarter

The kits enable sighted players and visually impaired to play together, so the experience of gaming is inclusive. The kits will need to be assembled with assistance from a sighted individual, but once assembled the games become easy to play for all. The kits can be purchased from the 64 Ounce website. There are kits for many great games, such as Card Against Humanity, Sushi Go, and Coup.

As a tabletop gaming fan, I really love sharing the fun and community of gaming, and was really interested and seeing this company making the fun of gaming more accessible. If you also love tabletop gaming and making things more accessible to the visually impaired, go check out the 64 Ounce website or tweet @64ozGames and show your interest.