Underrated: Hagrid

Underrated is a new series I am starting where I talk about my favorite, most underrated characters from different fandoms, stories, shows, and more. I want to highlight how important and special these characters really are. And probably the most underrated character of all is the one and only Rubeus Hagrid.

Everyone knows of Hagrid, but when it comes to how important he really is to the series is where people get a little confused. Obviously, he has the duty of telling Harry he is a wizard, so that’s pretty dang important if I do say so myself. But that’s not where Hagrid’s awesome character and story end.

Just taking a look at his past, Hagrid certainly had enough happen that clearly impacted him in later life. He is a half giant, half human, so he doesn’t fit it with the other wizards and witches of Hogwarts. And as a student, he was seen as brutish and scary, a monster even. And then, we find out that, while he was a student, he was accused of opening the Chamber of Secrets which caused the death of Moaning Myrtle, a crime he was innocent of doing. This caused his expulsion from the school.

Faster forward, and Hagrid is now acting as a grounds keeper for Hogwarts, given the position by Dumbledore because he had nowhere else to go. He has a deep love for the care of magical creatures and sees in every creature love and good in them. He understands how it feels to be feared and hated, so he only shows love for his creatures. Overall, Hagrid has a humble positivity to him that makes him the greatest.


He also shows love and caring for the people who matter most to him. He shows Hermione this when she is called a mudblood, he shows this by taking care of his brother and saving him from violence amongst the giants, and he shows this to Harry all of the time, which is why one of the most heartbreaking scenes ever is this one:

Seriously, how did you not cry during that?! Hagrid is such a valuable character because he is inspiring with his compassion for everyone, including creatures. He is also a symbol of thriving from adversity. Plus could you even imagine the Harry Potter series without Hagrid welcoming them all at the train station, giving Harry Hedwig for his birthday, teach Care of Magical Creatures, and just being a part of the Hogwarts family? The answer is a definite no.

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