How To Be A Band Geek (Without Being In Band)

So I was a band geek, still kind of am even though I stopped marching 2 years ago. But after spending 5 years working to be at the top levels, it stays with you forever. And I don’t think you had to have a direct connection with marching band to appreciate it, and here is how you can.

To start, here are some basics that are good to know. Marching arts has 3 ways to be divided: marching band, drum corps, and winter indoor. Pretty much, marching band is a band that does field shows and parades, like high school groups. Drum corps is the “NFL of Marching band”. It’s not affiliate with schools, the members pay thousands to do it, they get to tour the country and compete, and an insane amount of pride goes into it. And winter indoor is done inside school gym’s and is smaller and involves less people and sections, usually only percussion and color guard. Band geeks are usually a part of all 3, or viewers of all three, but it doesn’t have to be. My focus is drum corps, because I was a member of it for 2 years and, to me, is the best a marcher can get.


Seriously, go on YouTube and search drum corps and you will find some incredible marching. I like to recommend Phantom Regiment 2008, which is the year they did Spartacus. It is my favorite show of all time, and really shows off how much heart and performance goes into marching band.


See It In Person

Whether it is your local high school’s performance during a football halftime show, or you manage to get to Drum Corps International World Championship, watching the shows live is always better. You can feel the emotions and impacts of the performance, and when it is live the sound quality is always better. Plus, in Drum Corps, corps have fans that follow them and they get so excited cheering for their team. It really is an event to see bands compete. And DCI tours the country all summer, and a show might be near you!

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Find The Section You Enjoy Most

I did color guard (hey look it’s me up there) so I am always watching that part of a band. In case you don’t know, color guard is the section that is dancing, spinning flags, rifles, and other crazy props. Some people really love the drumline, and will go to a competition just to watch the drumlines warm up in the lot. So find the part you enjoy watching and invest in that, it will make it more fun for you in the long run.

Were you a band geek? Let me know in the comments.