Meet Ana from Overwatch

Overwatch has taken the game-playing world by storm, being one of the top selling games of the summer. Blizzard has been teasing the release of a new character, first with with design of a healing sniper rifle, and now they have released the character: Ana.

ana 2.jpg

First off, Ana is an older woman, bad ass sniper, staying in combat well past her fifties. Along with that, her lore and origins run deep into Overwatch and the other characters, including an interesting interaction with Widowmaker. In her origin story video, she speaks of the importance protecting the people you love, and how that led to her life changing injury, presumed death, and her return to Overwatch.

Ana 1.jpg

The Egyptian bounty hunter continues her mission to protect the people she loves, including her daughter Pharah, who is now a member of team Overwatch as well. That may be the very reason she returned to the field in the first place.

Who is your favorite character in Overwatch? Share with a comment!

3 thoughts on “Meet Ana from Overwatch

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  2. This just makes me want to buy Overwatch more! She seems like an awesome additional character. I enjoyed playing D.VA when I tried the two day beta. Bastion was good too. I seemed to have zero control over the healers and snipers. 😥


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