Underrated: Symmetra

With the release of Overwatch and it’s variety of heroes, many have received quite a bit of hype, while others slipped through the cracks. From what I have seen, both story and game play wise, Symmetra is one of the more underrated heroes.

sym Satya Vaswani was taken at a young age from extreme poverty because she demonstrated a talent for light-bending capability. She was trained in hard light bending, and uses her own flair and style when actually bending, incorporating the dance styles from her home in Hyderabad. Her skill as an architect gave her the name Symmetra, and she represents the Vishkar Corporation to uphold company interests and expand the companies influence around the world. However, she often finds herself conflicted with the ideas of Vishkar, and how her past effects her perception of the future.


Generally, I don’t hear  or see much about Symmetra, like I do McCree or D. Va or Mercy or Ana. She is a support character that is not focused on healing, but she still provides interesting aspects to support her team. She can create a shield around an ally that stays active as long as the ally is alive, and make teleporters that can get her allies back into the fight faster. She can deal damage too, with her sentry turrets and photon projector.


Symmetra’s story looks at how conflicting and difficult it can be to have your own perceptions of good in relationship to others in the world.

You can learn more about her story in the comic series. Go here to learn more about her game play.

Who is your favorite Overwatch hero? Let me know with a comment.

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