Between the Pages Roundup!


April’s theme week for Geek Blogs Unite was all things books! Let’s take a look at what the community wrote about.


lit ed

I wrote a Funko Wishlist of some awesome literature characters that I wish existed.

Journal 3 Perler Beads

Krysanthe created this awesome craft of a floating Journal 3 from Gravity Falls.

Jacie at Come To The Nerd Side made this super fun Harry Potter candle that you can make yourself!

Princessdeia made a list of her favorite Bookstagrammers that you should definitely check out.

Star Wars: Heir to the Empire

Star Wars: Aftermath

Star Wars: Han Solo Comics

Just Geeking By talks fandom spin-off series you all should read.

ArtsyRobot wrote about the books that have stuck with her long after reading.


300x600_pauses22Want to participate in future theme weeks? Join Geek Blogs Unite! 

Want to get some new books on your shelf? Book of the Month is a great way to get brand new books every month starting at $5!



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