Horror Games for Halloween 3

Another year, another list of horror games for you to play and scare yourself silly. Whether you are playing yourself or watching playthroughs, these are some great new games to add to your horror game list.


Resident Evil 7

Another installment of the Resident Evil franchise, this time you try to find your love as she has gone missing and keeps sending you strange messages. When you find her in a decrepit house amongst the family she was babysitting for, you cross into the horror setting for this scary tale. This game keeps the scares going the whole time, with monsters and psychotic humans trying to kill you.


Friday the 13th 

I included this multiplayer version of the 80’s films to add some variety to the horror games list. Instead of a story based game that is single player, you play as either as Jason killing the campers or as a camper trying to escape. Also, the day this post goes up is Friday the 13th. So you can play this game on the actual day. Spooky, right?



Observer is a cyberpunk horror game taking part in a dystopian future. It depicts a digital plague causing heavy drug use. You play as a detective of the Observer police who can hack into people memories. But be careful, because you’re being hunted.


Little Nightmares

You play as a young girl named Six who is trapped in a world run by powerful monsters. Your job is to try to escape, although plagued by hunger. And be careful, because you’re being watched.

All of these games have something different, so if you enjoy horror you can bet at least one of these games will spooky you this Halloween. And if you need more games, read the first and second posts of the series.

Have a scary game you like to play? Let me know in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Horror Games for Halloween 3

  1. I have the “the evil within”. felt so bad ass when I asked my dad to buy it for me last summer. I have barely touched it 😂 But promised myself to play it this halloween, so I can buy the new one. (love this blog ❤ )

    Liked by 1 person

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