How To Throw A Halloween Game Night

Why have a traditional Halloween party when you can through the spookiest game night? Make it a haunting good time with these tips and tricks!


Have a Costume Theme

Costumes are a classic piece of Halloween. You can give your game night a theme, anywhere from just game characters to getting as specific as Clue characters. Embrace the games you’re about to play.


Get a Stack of Games Ready

So many games, so little time. If you want to do tabletop only, read my post about spooky tabletop games to get a good set of games ready. Want to stick with video games, have a group playthrough of some of the best horror games. Have options ready so guests can have the most fun.


Embrace the Role Play

If you’re going to play scary games, you might as well get into it. Embrace the horror and roleplay your way through the games. It will make your night even more fun.


Have the Usual Party Fare

You can’t have a game night without food and drinks. Make it extra spooky with Halloween themed snacks and drinks.

Playing games on Halloween? Share with me what games you’ll be playing!