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Nailed It Review


Have you seen those people who attempt Pinterest pins and they didn’t turn out as expected? Well, that is now a new Netflix show called Nailed It, where amateur bakers come to attempt the most Pinterest-y of bakes. it is definitely as ridiculous and hilarious as you expect it to be.

I am a fan of cooking shows, but mostly when it is professionals and experts doing the competing like in Top Chef (I’m a super fan of Top Chef). So when this show graced my Facebook feed, I was intrigued by the hilarious and sometimes terrifying recreations of these Pinterest favorites. Also, I recognized the host, Nicole Byer, who is a very funny comedian and embraces how crazy and ridiculous this whole competition is.

I got quite a few good laughs at this show for many reasons. Clearly, a comedian as a host who gets to be her hilarious self is always a plus. The finished bakes of the contestants are always a good laugh at how the outcome is almost always a complete disaster. And the show has a good laugh at itself, especially as the season goes on.

My only complaint is what the challenge was in the last episode of what is available now, as it was a killjoy for the goofy and fun television that this show had: a Trump cake. I didn’t enjoy that episode because the moment the challenge was shown, I was disappointed that it was the last episode available because it almost made me not want to watch the show again. I don’t need to see more of Trump, especially in my escape entertainment.

Overall I will definitely watch more of this show because it was a good laugh 90% of the time and just a hilarious mess in the form of a baking competition.

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