Favorite Fictional Fathers

It’s that time of year where we give some love to all the dads out there. So why not give some love to my favorite fictional fathers too?

fa zhou

Fa Zhou

One of the sweetest moments in fictional fatherdom is when Mulan returns from saving China, and her dad, who she joined the army to protect, is just so happy to see her. Talk about hitting you right in the feels.

sirius black.jpg


Sirius Black

Ok, so Sirius Black is not Harry’s father. But he is such a fatherly figure for him in the series that I couldn’t leave him off the list. Sirius has had a difficult life, and is nothing but support and love for Harry. His story hurts so much in the end. If only we could have had more Sirius in the stories.


Bob Belcher

My favorite characters in Bob’s Burgers is the kids, but we can’t forget how Bob is that balance in the family between Tina and Louise and Linda and Gene. And without Bob, there is no Bob’s Burgers.



Oh, Mufasa. If only we could have seen you on the screen more. But that also would have worked against the whole plot of the movie. Still though, Mufasa was the king and father that Simba needed in his life. Too bad Scar had to be a bad uncle.


Arthur Weasley

You can’t make a list about favorite fictional dads and not include Arthur Weasley. Well, at least you shouldn’t. He’s such a hard-working father willing to protect his kids and take in the friends of his kids as if they were family. The Weasley’s overall are too good for our fictional worlds.

Who are your favorite fictional fathers? Leave a comment letting me know.

6 thoughts on “Favorite Fictional Fathers

  1. Favorite literary fictional fathers: books and musicals. Both biological and adopted.

    1. Mufasa
    2. Arthur Weasley
    3. Jean Valjean- he had to adopt Cosette

    Want to name both


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