How To Geekify Your Self Care

It’s that time of year where I can get a little bit stressed. The semester has started, deadlines are coming up, and the transition into the fall brings new challenges and responsibilities. So in order to keep going, I need a bit of self care. So why not geekify it? 

keyboard gaming.jpeg

Make Time for Your Geeky Favorites

Probably one of the simplest things you can do is to take some time for your favorite geeky things, whether it’s watching your favorite TV show or playing your favorite game. Taking the time to do something you know you’ll enjoy can be incredibly reinvigorating.

hogwarts bath bombs
Bath Bombs by BubbleManiaCo on Etsy

Combine Your Current Self Care and Geek Favorites

There are certain things that get labeled as self care often, like baths. If there is a particularly “standard” self care activity you enjoy, you can find ways to geek it up with some of your geeky favorites. A fandom themed bath bomb would be a fun addition to a bath for example.

dobby sock.png

Motivate Some Self Care with Geeky Rewards

I am an advocate that self care is not always just treating yourself, and that sometimes self care is not glamorous and is just taking a shower and going to the gym. What you can do to motivate yourself to do the less glamorous self care items is giving yourself a geeky reward. Take doing laundry. By doing laundry you can change into your favorite geeky t-shirt that’s warm out of the drier. Something as simple as that can be very gratifying.

How do you geekify your self care? Let me know with a comment!

4 thoughts on “How To Geekify Your Self Care

  1. Geeky themed bath bombs is something I do! I love those Harry Potter ones. 😍 I have a Pokemon one I haven’t used yet which has a toy inside – it’s random but I’m hoping a get a Snorlax.


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