Underrated Disneyland Attractions

This week is the official anniversary of the opening of Disneyland. July 17th to be exact. So today I am sharing my favorite underrated attractions at the park.


Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough

Sleeping Beauty Castle is not just the iconic landmark of the park that you take fun photos in front of. You can go inside and experience the story of Sleeping Beauty in a whole new way. Animated scenes and storybooks walk you through the story. Unfortunately, the walkthrough itself is not handicap friendly. They do have a room where you can watch it all if you can’t manage to walk through it yourself.


Disneyland Railroad

Disneyland Railroad is not just an easy way to get from one side of the park to the other, but also an experience in itself. You can get special views of other attractions like Splash Mountain and it’s a small world. There are also unique dioramas that you can only see by riding the railroad. It is also nice to ride the railroad when the crowds are high and you want to get off your feet for a bit. And the railroad has special opportunities, like being able to ride in the exclusive Lilly Belle car.



Mark Twain Riverboat

Another opportunity to get off your feet and out of the crowds for a while, the Mark Twain Riverboat take you on a tour of the Rivers of America. You also can get great views of the surrounding area and attractions that you can only get on the boat. They also have different scenes you can see that are reminiscent of the old west which adds more interest to the attraction.


Tarzan’s Treehouse

Another walkthrough attraction, Tarzan’s Treehouse is a fun adventure through the trees and scenes of Tarzan. This used to be the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, but I definitely prefer the Tarzan version because it is more relevant to me and overall newer when it comes to Disney IP’s. It’s like an easter egg hunt for recognizable pieces from the film which is fun. Just keep an eye out for Sabor.


Sorcerer’s Workshop

Jumping to California Adventure for the final one, I really enjoy the Sorcerer’s Workshop. It is located inside the Disney Animation Building and is an interactive experience where you can walk through different rooms from various Disney films. Beast’s Library is one, and you can take an interactive quiz to learn what Disney character you are. During my last trip to Disneyland, this attraction was only partially open which was a little bit of a bummer because I really enjoy this one.

What are your favorite underrated attractions at the Disney parks? Let me know with a comment!