Favorite Characters from Musicals

In any fandom, you will find your favorite characters that you just like more than others, and musicals are no different. Us theatre nerds all have characters that we adore, so I am sharing some of mine today.


Angelica Schuyler from Hamilton

I love Hamilton as a whole and every character involved, but Angelica stands out for me. I love empowering female characters and Angelica really is the epitome of that in this show. She is also incredibly smart and savvy, isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and loves her sisters so much.


Eponine from Les Miserables

I was much more attracted to Les Mis in my teen years. My high school was going to do Les Mis for the musical and the film came out in theaters then as well. Eponine was the character I connected with the most particularly as a teen. On My Own is one of my favorite songs from the show too.


The Witch from Into the Woods

The Witch from Into the Woods is on this list mainly because of Bernadette Peters and how she performs the character. She had her funny moments and her serious moments and overall is a deeper look at a classic fairytale character.


Kim from Miss Saigon

Kim absolutely became a favorite after seeing Miss Saigon at the Pantages. Her story is so tragic, yet she fights so hard for her son and her love, all the way to the bitter end. Bravo to every actress who plays Kim cause this character must be a huge challenge.


Persephone from Hadestown

Before I loved Hadestown fully, I loved Persephone. It has been interesting to see how she has changed between iterations. Her character really is one of the most significant in the show, because her deteriorating relationship with Hades and his possessiveness is what brings the storm.

Do you have any favorite characters from musicals? Share them in a comment!

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5 thoughts on “Favorite Characters from Musicals

  1. I always loved Fantine from Les Mis. “I Dreamed a Dream” is one of the most heartbreaking songs from that musical. And it’s full of heartbreaking songs, so…
    I have a soft spot for Evan from Dear Evan Hansen. He is so confused and he messes up so much. He is such an empathetic character.
    I think that my favorite character from Hamilton is Eliza. She has such a quiet strength that I really admire.


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