Speed Dating for Ghosts Review

Being a ghost gets pretty lonely after a while. In Speed Dating for Ghosts, you try to alleviate your loneliness through the magic of short conversations with strangers. And if you hit it off with one at the end, you’ll get a date out of it. But ghosts have unique motives and eccentricities that make this a lot more interesting.

To start Speed Dating for Ghosts, developed by Copychaser Games, you’ll choose a room. Each room will have a different set of ghosts that you will meet during your speed dates. There is no big significance with which room you choose beyond the different ghosts you’ll meet.

Each room has three ghosts that you will meet. There are two rounds of speed dating, so you’ll talk to each ghost twice. Every ghost has a different story, personality, and motive for attending this event. There are also different paths each conversation could take. You may hit it off with a ghost and they really want to date you or your conversation may go sour and end short.


At the end of the session, you will choose one of the ghosts to go on a date with. Some ghosts will hint at what they have in mind during a round and others will keep it secret. Each date is unique to the character, which makes it really interesting and fun to explore the different dates. One date I went to a football game, another a nursing home, and one in the middle of the woods at a frozen lake. You will be able to make more choices during the date that can either improve the situation with your date or end it at that point.


This game is incredibly charming. I love how each ghost is very unique and has their own story and personality. I also enjoy how casual and quick it is to play this game. It is a relaxing way to pass the time with some charming characters and enough surprises to keep you engaged.

Speed Dating for Ghosts is so simple and sweet and is a great game that I do recommend for anyone who enjoys or is interested in dating simulators.

What is a slightly spooky game you enjoy? Let me know with a comment!

2 thoughts on “Speed Dating for Ghosts Review

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  2. Antler ghost is seriously pulling at my heartstrings right now! As far as slighty spooky games go, I’d have to say my favorite is Dear Esther. It’s the OG walking simulator, with no mechanics but it does have a compelling story, beautiful visuals and some moments that will give you goose bumps.

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