How To Geekify Your Work Wardrobe

Now that I’ve started working that good ol full-time adult job, I’ve had to have a specific wardrobe for work. I can’t keep the geeky out though, so I am sharing ways to geekify your work wardrobe just like I have been.

Casual Cosplay

Casual cosplay is when you take everyday clothing items and use them to make a look based on a character. DisneyBounding is casual cosplay as an example. Since it is you wearing your normal clothes in a certain outfit, it is a great way to make your work clothes geeky. I have an outfit I have dubbed “Shego Chic” because of it being basically a casual cosplay of Shego.



Accessories are a little bit of an obvious choice here but still worth mentioning. Whether it is jewelry, ties, socks, or your bag, it is quite easy to flaunt your geekiness with accessories. I have a couple really subtle necklaces I can add to an outfit, like my golden snitch necklace. I also have a badge holder with a lanyard I have to wear at work, so I can pick a geeky lanyard or add enamel pins to highlight certain fandoms.


Dress Up Your Geeky Tees

Something I plan on doing is taking some of my geeky tees and dressing them up a bit. I have a fairly relaxed dress code for work, but still, want to be office appropriate overall. So I can take a geeky tee, add a skirt or tuck into a nice pant, add a blazer or cardigan and a nice show and I am good for work. Subtle tees like from Jordandene or A Geek Girl’s Tees are perfect for this.

Go Beyond The Clothes

What if you have a specific uniform you have to wear? Maybe certain accessories don’t work for your job. You can go beyond your clothes with makeup and nail art and other similar options. Create a makeup look based on your Hogwarts house or do Disney nail art. Have fun with what you can make geeky, even if it can’t be your clothes.

How do you geek up your attire? Let me know in a comment below!

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